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Super K Derby 2008
When: Saturday January 26th, 2008
Where: Camp Phillips Summer Camp Haugen
Who: Boy Scouts, Webelos, Venturers, Scouters, Friends, Neighbors and Relatives.
Cost: Early Bird Fee: $8.00 per person (registered by Jan. 15th) and $10.00 per person after.
Check in and orientation: Friday Evening at 9:00 p.m. if camping and from 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. on Saturday for everyone else.
What is this about???
    The Klondike is a region in the Yukon Territory of Canada where gold was discovered (while moose hunting) in 1896. Word spread and a hundred thousand men (called Stampeders) answered The Call of The Wild to seek their fortunes in the Yukon.
    Our Super K Derby 8 (SKD 8) is a 21st Century scouting version of the challenges faced by the "Stampeders" as they used sleds and packs to travel over mountain passes and across the frozen Klondike in search of gold.
    The Super K Derby 8 is a fun-filled (friendly) winter competition.
    We'll have 4 divisions: 1) Webelos & NEW CROSS OVERS, 2) Boy Scouts 12-14 3) Boy Scouts 15-17 and 4) Venture Crews.  Age averaging will be used for patrols (sled teams) with mixed ages.  
    Troops are encouraged to have multiple Sled Teams!  
    Webelos, Boy Scouts and Ventures are forming "Sled Teams."  Each Sled Team will travel along "The Klondike Trail" with their sled and supplies.  
    It's up to each Troop to decide the composition and numbers for each of their Sled Teams: 5 to 8 Stampeders are recommended with up to 10 max per team. 
    Smaller Webelos Dens are encouraged to team up with another Pack's Webelos Den.  Each sled should be able to carry supplies and a possible injured Stampeder.
    Along the trail, there'll be Gold Rush Towns, Indian Village(s), Mining Camps and Outposts featuring Patrol Challenges (fun teamwork events), Scouting Skills, Hot Chocolate, Hot Soup and/or memory games ... as well as various other silly and fun activities to interest and challenge all ages and abilities of Scouts.
    At each stop, every scout in the Sled Team will get to try his skill and/or luck.  We'll all have fun and learn something new.
    Each Webelos and "New Cross-Over Boy Scout" Sled Team will get to take their Webelos' leader, a parent or an older scout with them as a mentor/guide.  
Or better yet ... enjoy FREE Winter Camping (Friday and/or Saturday night).
Bring your tents, warmest sleeping bags, pads, cooking gear, full troop water jugs, food and drink, ETC.  
"Open Winter Camping" at the Summer Camp Sites and in the field behind the Dinning Hall is available and begins on Friday evening (1-26-7).  We follow the guidelines in The Guide to Safe Scouting.
Save the last weekend in January for your "Super K Derby 8."
Six more answers:
1) Camp Phillips is located north of Rice Lake ... just west of Haugen, WI.
2)      A) Required "outfit" for Klondike Trail:
    A blanket, 60 ft. of half inch line (rope), matches, tinder, kindling & wood
for a small fire, a first aid kit, a compass, a pocket knife, one large
plastic bag and a half gallon of water per person on Sled Team.
         B) Suggested Equipment List:
Patrol Flag, Scout Handbook, Paper and Pencil, Ground cloth, Maintenance kit
for sled repair, a tarp, trail mix and/or granola bar and an insulated mug for drinking Hot Chocolate  and/or soup along the Klondike trail. Those chemical hand/feet warmers
might be a good idea, too.
Here's a link to an original Klondike Stampeder's supplies list:
Here's your chance to have your art work immortalized!
    A) Create your design to fit in a 3" in diameter circle. Draw it, use clip art: Be original. 
     B) Entries should be submitted on plain paper.
Include your name, Troop/Den number, address and phone number on the page with your entry!
    C) Use up to 7 colors. 
    D) All entries should include the titles:
        Chippewa Valley Council and Super K Derby 8 
        Your design should, also, have the Trefoil (Fleur-de-lis) in it. 
   E) Mail your design to: Dave Linse, 19057 Cty. Hwy. X, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729. 
   F) Contest open to all registered Ventures, Boy Scouts and Webelos in CVC Units.
   G) Entries must be received by December 11th, 2007.
 All entries submitted become property of The Chippewa Valley Council and are subject to editing during patch production. 
The winning design will be used on this year's patches!
The winning artist will be acknowledged at the SKD 8's award ceremony and in the BSA Today!
    All Sleds will be placed in one of two categories by our Royal Canadian Mounted Police and The Yumpin Yiminy Yukon Sheriff at The Sled Inspection Site.
 The Two SKD 8 Sled Categories:
 A) Traditional Sleds: Made of wood (except runners can be skis) and should be about the size of a dog sled.   
 B) Super Sleds: (All non traditional sleds) Choice of building materials and of the creator's design.
Each sled must be able to carry the required supplies and carry an injured Stampeder if need be.  Note: A scout or scouter rides in the Sled during the Sled Races.  All Sleds have runners or skis: No wheels. 
 Boys who build their own sled take pride in and ownership of their work. 
 Here's the link for the drawing, details and material's list for the Sled Design that the Super K Derby 8 Committee recommends for building: 
    With pre cut materials, the sled in the above link can be built by a Webelos' Den during two of their meetings.  Their efforts can go toward earning activity pins. 
    Boy Scouts can fulfill some woodworking and wood carving merit badge requirements while having fun learning, building and customizing their sled. 
    Variations are OK.  If the sled is made out of wood and about the same size as the examples on the links then they will be considered "Traditional Sleds."
 Here are links for two other variations of "traditional sleds."
Here's a link to a picture of an original Klondike Sled:
Get your "Sled Teams" working on their Klondike Sleds! 
Always follow The Guide to Safe Scouting
5) ADULT VOLUNTEERS for "Stations"
    Any two or three adults (at least one must be a registered scouter) wanting to set up and run a "station" with two or three activities is welcome to do so. 
    We have a list of activities that have their paper work done including their guidelines and scoring or you're welcome to come up with your own and we'll fit your activities to the SKD 8's scoring system.  
DaveLinse for more info, to register your station & activities and to confirm your spot along the Klondike Trail. 
    DEADLINE to register a station is DECEMBER 11th, 2007!
Check this out: There are various stations already organized with a seasoned & registered Scouter at the helm. 
    We need about 14 more adult volunteers to join in the fun!  This is the FUN part, the set up work is done for you, just sign up and show up! 
    It's a really easy way to be involved!  Your volunteering will ensure the Two Deep Leadership required at each station and everyone will get free time to see it all, too!
    For questions and/or to just step up: Contact Dave @ 720-0246 or
Info for Adult Volunteer Opportunities to follow
6) Webelos are encouraged to attend the SKD 8 with a parent or guardian.  Each Webelos scout MUST be under the supervision of a parent or parent-approved adult.  Joint Webelos den-troop camping including the parent(s) of the Webelos Scouts is encouraged ... Den leaders, pack leaders, and parents are expected to accompany the boys.
For ANY questions or comments, please contact: 
CVC SKD 8 Chairguy Dave Linse @ (715) 720-0246,  


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