Troop72 Eagle Court of Honor
for Ben Arneberg
October 29, 2006

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I was in charge of our troop's Eagle Court of Honor (ECoH) on Sunday, October 29, 2006. Not only was it the first Eagle Court of Honor in our troop's 5.5-year history, it was the first one I had ever been to! I learned all about putting on an ECoH from various web sites and a book. I created this page to capture everything I learned, in case it might help others.
- Tom Arneberg, Scoutmaster (

Contents of directory for this Eagle Court of Honor:

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Things we learned:

  • We had no idea how many people to plan for. Several people we thought would come didn't...we had to schedule it during a Green Bay Packers' game, since it was the only time available for our out-of-town relatives. We had 130 show up, I think, but had planned for 150-200.
  • Everyone takes a little longer speaking than they think. My goal was to finish in under an hour, but we went an hour and a quarter, 2:00-3:16 p.m. It moved nicely, though; I don't think anyone minded. Still, we'll probably cut a speaker or shorten the slide show next time to keep it under an hour.
  • The classic candle-lighting ceremony for the 12 points of the Scout Law works great! (I had never seen it, but read about it.)
  • We had a drummer play while the flag was brought forth, and then stop while it was being hoisted, during which the bugler played "To the Colors." Worked nicely!
  • We should've allowed more time before the ECOH. Sadly, we got letters from President Bush and our US Sentator the week after the ceremony.   :-(   I had sent out requests for letters of commendations four weeks before the day; should've been at least five. (However, the council sent the request to the President supposedly NINE weeks prior, and that still wasn't enough time.)
  • Get creative in Commendation Letter requests! I went out on a limb and risked a 39-cent stamp to senda request to Brett Favre. Here in Wisconsin, he is close to a deity among adolescent boys. I just sent it to him care of the Green Bay Packers -- and he came through! The letter from Brett Favre was one of the highlights of the ceremony.

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