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Troop 72 Communications:

We have not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different email lists to communicate within our troop:
  1. The main one is for EVERYONE involved with the troop -- Scouts, leaders, parents. It is an announcement-type list, with usually one or two messages per week.
  2. The second list is only for the troop's adult leaders. This one is unmoderated and gets a lot more traffic for planning and brainstorming.
  3. The third list for members of the PLC (Patrol Leaders' Council), and their parents. This list is to allow the youth leaders to do some planning and toss around some ideas.
  4. The last list is for FRIENDS of Troop 72. Usually these are former members, or parents of former members, but it could also be people who are fans of the troop but don't want detailed emails every week. Messages to the "troop72-friends" list are limited to invitations and announcements of big events, such as Scout Sunday, pancake breakfasts, and Court of Honor ceremonies. Typically this list sees only one message every two or three months.

The Scoutmaster usually adds the appropriate people to the appropriate list, but if you want to join or leave any of the lists, send a note (along with your name and phone number) to:

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