Packing checklist for boys
on a summer BICYCLE trip

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In addition to patrol gear, each person on the bike trip in his personal gear...
MUST have: SHOULD have: MIGHT want:
__ bicycle in good working order!
__ water bottles on your bike
__ bike helmet
__ trail pass (if you're 16 or over)
__ backpack or duffel bag
__ pack cover (garbarge bag okay)
__ sleeping bag
__ Boy Scout shirt
__ Troop 72 red "Adventure" shirt
__ rain coat or poncho
__ sweatshirt or light jacket
__ shorts
__ extra socks, underwear, T-shirt
__ plate, bowl, cup
__ knife, fork, spoon
__ insect repellent
__ sun screen
__ toothbrush, toothpaste
__ first aid kit
__ flashlight
__ toilet paper
__ swimsuit, towel
__ Scout Handbook (in ziploc)
__ garbage bag for boots outside tent
__ matches, firestarters
__ sandals or aqua-shoes
__ sleeping pad
__ leather gloves
__ hat
__ long pants (for bugs)
__ sunglasses
__ compass
__ jackknife
__ rope
__ hand sanitizer
__ notebook and pen
__ money in case we stop for treats
__ tire pump
__ tube repair kit
__ tools for your bike
__ spare parts for your bike
__ fishing pole
__ pillow
__ rain pants
__ camp stool or chair
__ watch
__ camera
__ book
__ magazine
__ deck of cards
__ woodcarving
__ harmonica
__ frisbee
__ hacky sack
__ juggling stuff

A bicycle trip is a little differerent than other camping trips. We'll be hauling the troop trailer, so all the camping and cooking gear will already be there when you get to the campsite. Also, you can put most or all of your personal gear in the trailer as well. You are welcome to carry some things on your bike if you have the ability to do so and if you're strong enough.

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