Packing checklist for boys
on a winter cabin trip

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In addition to patrol gear, each person on the trip in his personal gear...
MUST have: SHOULD have: MIGHT want:
__ sleeping bag
__ Boy Scout shirt
__ Troop 72 red "Adventure" shirt
__ rain coat (if above freezing)
__ warm hat
__ gloves or mittens
__ snow boots (if snow)
__ warm jacket
__ wool socks
__ extra underwear
__ plate, bowl, cup
__ knife, fork, spoon
__ water bottle
__ toothbrush, toothpaste
__ first aid kit
__ backpack/duffel bag
__ toilet paper
__ money (if stopping at McDonald's)
__ Scout Handbook
__ snow pants (if snow)
__ flashlight
__ matches, firestarters
__ sleeping pad (if no bunks)
__ pillow
__ leather gloves
__ sunglasses
__ compass
__ jackknife
__ rope
__ hand sanitizer
__ long underwear (NOT cotton)
__ money for Trading Post (Fred C.)
__ slippers for inside cabin
__ watch
__ camera
__ book
__ magazine
__ deck of cards
__ woodcarving
__ harmonica
__ frisbee
__ football
__ hacky sack
__ juggling stuff
__ ice fishing gear (not at Fred C.)
__ sledding gear (if snow)

NOTE: When we go winter cabin camping, the cabin is heated. Cabins at L.E.Phillips have bunks. At Fred C. Andersen, the Adirondacks (small cabins that sleep one patrol each) have bunks, but the larger cabins that hold the whole troop are just one big room with a wooden floor. At Fred C. Andersen, we'll have to walk 1/4 to 1/2 mile to the cabin, so a backpack is helpful. If you don't have one, you can use one of their sleds or rickshaws to haul your gear to the cabin. Some Scouts sleep outside in the winter; to do that you'll need a tarp and a pad and a sleeping bag rated for cold.

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