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These are pictures from the "Leadership Level 3" training held at the L.E. Phillips Scout Reservation, north of Rice Lake, Wisconsin, on the weekend of October 14-15, 2000. The excellent teachers that weekend taught knot tying, orienteering, cooking over a fire and assorted stoves, backpacking, sharpening knives and axes, setting up tents and tarps, keeping warm and dry while camping in the "off season," first aid, conducting a proper flag ceremony, the patrol method, planning a campfire, and other essential skills. It was a regular crash course in camping and in Boy Scouts!

Tom Arneberg and Darin Thomas from CVBC attended this one, in preparation for launching their new troop, These training weekends are open to any interested adult, even if they are not planning on becoming a Boy Scout leader! It will give you insight into what the Boy Scout program is all about. (Before taking part in Level 3, you first must go to Levels 1 & 2, which are usually done in a classroom setting of a few hours.)

Just click on any picture to get a bigger one. Enjoy!

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