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Place: L.E. Phillips Scout Reservation, northwest of Rice Lake (Google map to camp)
Dates: Session 2: Sunday, June 20 - Friday, June 25, 2010
Who: At camp this year we'll have 15 scouts and 5 adults (2-4 at a time)
Activities: Detailed camp schedule
Merit badges are the backbone of summer camp! (see merit badge schedule).
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Packing list: See the summer camp packing list
Depart: Meet at CVBC at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vehicles: 15-passenger church van

Return: Friday, June 25, 2010 is "Visitors' Night" at camp:
5:45 Flag ceremony (impressive)
6:00 Dinner (bring your own, or pay $7.00 by Tuesday, $8.50 at the door)
6:45 Campsite visitation
7:30 Awards program (Arena)
8:00 Chapel service (Chapel)
8:30 Order of the Arrow Callout Ceremony (OA Bowl) (you should see this!)
There will be plenty of cars coming back for Scouts whose parents can't come to Visitors' Night.
Deposit: $50 per Scout due April 2 to hold our campsite (not mandatory for every Scout, but we need enough to hold our spot)
Total Cost: New prices (10% off) as of 3/15/10 since we met our "Friends of Scouting" goal!
$225 $202 if paid in full by May 1
$235 $212 if paid in full by June 1
$250 $250 if paid in full by June 19 (no Gold Card discount after June 1)

NOTE: Financial assistance is available from the council. You need to fill out this form.

Medical: Every Scout and adult needs a medical form signed by a doctor!
Campsite: We a new campsite this year, Ranger. (see map) (Coordinates: 45d 37' 03" N; 91d 50' 11" W or 45.617745,-91.836519.)
It's a great location on a peninsula on the southwest side of Mitchell Lake, across the lake from the dining hall. It's farther from the dining hall, but actually closer to the flag ceremony, and VERY close to the Tradin' Post!
Cabins: The campsite has seven 4-man cabins, so we have room for up to 24 Scouts and up to 4 men.
Adult help: Each campsite must have two adults each night.
(We must pay $50/night for camp staff for any night we don't have two adults there.) Any dad is welcome to join us for any night! We get one free adult for every 10 Scouts, so 2 or 3 adults at a time will be free.
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