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Place: L.E. Phillips Scout Reservation, north of Rice Lake
Dates: Sunday, July 20 - Friday, July 25, 2008
Who: At camp this year we'll have 18 scouts and 3 adults (two at a time)
Merit Badges: click here to sign what merit badge classes our Scouts signed up for.
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Packing list: See the summer camp packing list
Depart: Meet at CVBC at 11:45 a.m. on Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vehicles: church van driven by Tom Arneberg (15), truck driven by Rod Schrader (5)

Return: Friday, July 25, 2008 is "Visitors' Night" at camp:
5:45 Flag ceremony (impressive)
6:00 Dinner (bring your own, or pay $6.50 by Tuesday, $8.00 at the door)
6:45 Campsite visitation
7:30 Awards program (Arena)
?:?? Chapel service (Chapel)
?:?? Order of the Arrow Ceremony (OA Bowl) (you should see this!)
There will be plenty of cars coming back for Scouts whose parents can't come to Visitors' Night.
Cost: $205 if paid in full by May 1
$215 if paid in full by June 1
$230 if paid in full by July 1
$250 if paid in full by July 20
Deposit: $40 per Scout due April 4 to hold our campsite
Medical: Every Scout needs a medical form signed by a doctor!
Campsite: We have the Ottertail campsite this year.
It's a great location -- a little farther away than Lone Pine, but overlooking a beautiful lake. (see map)
Other Troop: We were going to share a campsited with a troop from Durand, but our numbers grew too much, so we switched to Ottertail in May to make sure that every Scout would get a bunk.
Cabins: The campsite has seven 4-man cabins, so we have room for up to 28 Scouts and adults.
Adult help: Each campsite must have two adults each night.
(We must pay $40/night for camp staff for any night we don't have two adults there.)
Activities: Merit badges are the backbone of summer camp! (see MB schedule)
(If you'll be 13 by June 2009 and want to come to our six-day high-adventure canoe trip in the Boundary Waters, you should sign up for the Canoeing Merit Badge.)
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